Monday, May 23, 2011

Capitalist Titans Turn the Other Cheek
A virtuous egoist who loves his neighbors
Rand for Jesus (Tea Party)
Rapture temporarily postponed. Please check for updates in the bible

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cavemen and 'traditional cultures' are to meat eating advocates what the bible is to conservatives: an inexhaustible source of justifications and distortions.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Now that we have a gay caveman we are officially *natural*

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

According to the bible Sarah Palin should stone her daughter to death for having sex before marriage

All those airport screenings should count as mammograms.

That's the least they could do for us. They should give us copies and we could take them to our doctors, dentists, etc. They could hire a doctor at the airport that could give us a report at the end of the screening

I.r. -- Marin Say...I didnt even think of that..i gotta go in July. Maybe I should gt in line with a bottle of shampoo, gt my xray then kicked off. Hmmm.

Susana Cook-- with a bottle of shampoo and a pair of tweezers you might even get your dental records up to date.

I.r. -- Marin Damn..i made an appt for that too!

Susana Cook ‎-Are you going to check a bag? Do you want a reading or copy of your screening? Both breasts, full mouth, full body?

I.r. Marin Hmm..what should I bring if I need a CAT scan? I also need to check for Osteoporosis...i hear airport screeners are the best. And what if I want to get a second opinion..which airport do i go to for that?Friday at 7:46am · Unlike · 1 person

Susana Cook -- CAT scan only in international flights. Make sure you carry fresh fruit, mosquitoes and tell them that you spent a lot of time in a farm in close contact with sick looking animals

I.r. Marin -- i might also need massage what do i do to get tossed around by burly security officials? 

Susana Cook -- I.r as a Latina lesbian you should get your massage therapy without asking. A Che Guevara tee shirt might help though. Otherwise you can hide a coin in your pants. I also have a tee shirt that Fulana gave me: Not Gay as in Happy but Queer as in Fuck You. It has a picture of a woman pointing a gun. It's great for airports. 

I.r. Marin -- Ur right I should get it without I do have the Che socks, however...i think i should lose the military jackets. After all, I dont want to be tackled before I get on line!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

"Mubarack is going to become an expression for people who don't get the message.
Possible uses: He is such a "Mubarack". Why is he acting so "Mubarack?" etc
What a Republican winter

Friday, January 21, 2011

Suddenly she realized that she had a dead tongue in her mouth

Hint Fiction
By Susana Cook

I was a kid. I don’t remember how old I was but I remember the house. It was a beautiful house. Andrea, a friend from school invited me over for a play-date. I was fascinated; everything was so different in her house. It was clean and organized. They were all sitting at the table at the same time and they were kind of dressed up, her mother and her stepfather I mean. We had to call him ‘sir’. The table had nice plates, cutlery and glasses. They also had a maid who was serving us at the table. She was treating me with so much respect, as if I was an adult or her boss, like them. She put some food on my plate. It was delicious and different. I never ate anything like that before in my life. It was a tender and tasty meat. What is my mother cooking? I thought. She never made anything like that for me! I was embarrassed to ask but I liked it so much I wanted to know what it was. I wanted my mother to cook it for me. This is delicious, I said, what is it?
And her mother said a word that I couldn’t understand. What is it? I asked again
- Tongue, they said
- What?
- Tongue
- Tongue like a tongue?
- Yes, like a cow’s tongue
- I am eating a tongue?
- Yes, you are eating a tongue
I wanted to spit on the table what I had in my mouth. But everything and everybody was so refined. I just knew that I could not swallow a tongue and I could not take the contact of my tongue with the dead cow tongue anymore. I didn’t want my face to show disgust. I couldn’t talk to excuse myself and go to the bathroom to spit that out. Gosh, do I have to swallow this? If I do I will throw up. If I spit this out they will be so offended.
I couldn’t take it anymore. I got up to go to the bathroom but I didn’t know where it was. I was walking around the house with that tongue in my mouth and I couldn’t ask them where the bathroom was. I finally opened a door and there it was a beautiful toilet where I could spit the fucking tongue out. I did. I washed my mouth but I couldn’t get the feeling out for a long time. Every time I was thinking about it, it was making me nauseous and disgusted. I had to wash my mouth again.