Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Rachel Corrie

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thursday, March 02, 2006


What is that winners win exactly?
Our Flesh? Our blood? The hours of our life for a very low price?

Why is it that we worship them exactly?
Because, hey, you never know, one day it could be you on top of the pile

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Kitchen Magnet

very old stuff


My country is not really homophobic, because there are no homosexuals there. The word "heterosexuality" doesn’t exist, because sexuality means heterosexuality. It would be redundant.
The word homosexuality exists, but it’s not part of every day’s talk. It is considered bad taste to talk about diseases in social conversations. Besides there’s a treatment for that, many psychologists specialize in the cure of it.
Maybe because of that problem with language, or maybe I was lacking imagination; but I didn’t use the word until I was in love
with a woman.
But then, I didn’t know if what I was feeling was love or the symptoms of a scary disease. I didn’t know if I was supposed to buy flowers
or medicine. Even in the case that I was suffering an illness, I didn’t know if I wanted to be cured.
I thought I was the first lesbian in my family
I thought I was the first lesbian in history.
- That never, ever happened in my family!
I heard from my parents.
They scoured in the other one’s family for signs of the problem:
weird celibate ancestors, suspicious spinsters, trying to make sure that the genes were not coming from their own blood.
I was outcasted, outblooded. I decided to give them consolation. I told them that I had to have been a genetic accident.

I inherited all the trash in the family that they considered “Theatrical”
old fans, to act a lady, women’s gloves, tight enough to make my hands useless, corseted women’s dresses, uncomfortable enough to faint from time to time, men’s suits with worn pockets where they reached for the money, elbows worn from reading, pipes to increase confidence.
I accumulated a gendered archive.
How many things that never happened in fact happened.
In that garment (designed by men, sewn by women), appropriate scenery for social conversations ,good taste costumes, honorable genes, educated blood, I found a hat.
The label said “Joseph Creations”. But I found a thread that didn’t belong to Joseph’s design and a message that didn’t fit that scene:
a lesbian diary, carefully sewn inside the hat.
She didn’t throw it away, she sent it like a message into the ocean of family blood and it waited, hiding into the hat for two respectable generations, until grandma decided to show it to me.

I read about her passion for Emily, the family moving to a different city
her medical treatments, her marriage, the long hours playing the piano.
And that love, that stayed with her until the last days of her life,
when she was 89 years old and she wrote the last page of her diary,
before sewing it inside the hat:
“I read in the newspapers the other day that you died Emily, I know I am going to join you soon, maybe this time we’ll be allowed to be together for ever.
I love you.

She died five days later.

Monday, February 13, 2006


Dick Cheney is gonna have to hang the head of his friend in his living room now. Hunters love killing just for the love of killing
and they love to keep heads as trophies to be reminded that they have killed.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Trophies of war, death penalty, homelessness, poverty

If hunters are allowed to hang the heads of the animals they kill in their living room, then people who kill people should be allowed to hang the heads of the people they kill in their living rooms too.
Can you imagine how many heads would some people have to hang?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Duct Tape

We forgot everything about the duct tape. What a shame, because we still don’t know where Osama Bin Laden is. He could be anywhere. People should seal their holes, all of them. Take the outlets for example. Nobody knows where those holes go, not even electricians know. And we still know nothing about how those terrorist networks work. A couple of weeks ago, a family in Kansas was going on vacation and they decided to unplug the air conditioner, leaving the holes of the outlet open. Then, they heard the voice of Osama Bin Laden coming through the holes. They didn’t know Arabic, so they couldn’t understand what he was saying. They were terrified, they called some neighbors, but they didn’t understand Arabic either. They all realized that duct tape was a very good tool against terrorism. They appreciated the efforts of the government in this preventive action against bacteriological weapons , nuclear weapons, chemical weapons and cancer.
Cancer kills more people than terrorism, so our government decided that every American Citizen will undergo a Chemotherapy treatment, sponsored by our most respectable pharmaceuticals.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Orange Alert

Orange Alert: Go Shopping
Red Alert: Shop only online

Jesus Loves you

Go shopping

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Turdo & Zoretenz (from 100 Years of Attitude)

Turdo – Do you really have something to say?

Zoretenz – My ass. It is hurting, my ass

Turdo– Why is that?

Zoretenz– I have a big piece of shit that doesn’t want to come out

Turdo – Oh, no. It’s so big! I can see it!

Zoretenz – Can you help me to get it out?

Turdo – Look what a big piece of shit he has there!

– Oh, awful!

Zoretenz – Can you help me to get it out?

Turdo – How did you get such a big piece of shit in there? Were you eating a lot?

Zoretenz– Oh, please, get it out! Get it out!

Turdo– I don’t think we can get that thing out. I think it’s stuck in there for ever

Zoretenz– Oh, no! Will I have to live forever with this big piece of shit inside me?

Turdo – Yes, I think so

Zoretenz – Oh, no!

Turdo – It’s your soul

Zoretenz – What? That is the soul? I have a soul?

Turdo – Yes, you have a soul and it is stuck in there. It is not going anywhere

Zoretenz – Are you sure this is not some kind of turd that is supposed to get out through a natural digestive tube or something, like the anus?

Turdo– No, I told you. It’s stuck in there. It’s too big

Zoretenz – Oh, I have a big soul

Turdo– A very big soul

– It stinks. Get it out already!

Zoretenz– Alright, alright. I’ll put on my pants.

Como escribis?

- De donde viene lo que escribis? Como te inspiras?
- Me lo dictan
- Eso es esquizofrenia
- Ezquizofrenia?
- Si
- Es malo?
- Es muy malo
- Porque?
- Porque significa que no estas bien
- Yo estoy bien
- No, no estas bien
- Si, estoy bien
- Estas segura que tenes esquizofrenia?
- No, vos me dijiste
- Claro, porque escuchas voces
- Eso es esquizofrenia?
- Si, psicosis
- Vos no escuchas voces?
- No
- Nunca?
- Bueno si, si alguien me habla, o si estoy escuchando la tele o la radio
- Yo tambien
- Bueno, pero vos tambien escuchas voces de nadie, voces que no se sabe de donde vienen
- Que importa de donde vienen?
- Claro que importa, si no vienen de nadie o nada real es una falla mental
- Pero sabes que bien escribo?
- Y en que idioma te dictan?
- Depende, a veces en ingles, a veces en castellano
- O sea que son varias personas
- O no
- Es verdad, o no. Bueno igual vos no sentis dolor o depression ni nada, no?
- No, yo te dije que estoy bien