Saturday, January 07, 2006

Turdo & Zoretenz (from 100 Years of Attitude)

Turdo – Do you really have something to say?

Zoretenz – My ass. It is hurting, my ass

Turdo– Why is that?

Zoretenz– I have a big piece of shit that doesn’t want to come out

Turdo – Oh, no. It’s so big! I can see it!

Zoretenz – Can you help me to get it out?

Turdo – Look what a big piece of shit he has there!

– Oh, awful!

Zoretenz – Can you help me to get it out?

Turdo – How did you get such a big piece of shit in there? Were you eating a lot?

Zoretenz– Oh, please, get it out! Get it out!

Turdo– I don’t think we can get that thing out. I think it’s stuck in there for ever

Zoretenz– Oh, no! Will I have to live forever with this big piece of shit inside me?

Turdo – Yes, I think so

Zoretenz – Oh, no!

Turdo – It’s your soul

Zoretenz – What? That is the soul? I have a soul?

Turdo – Yes, you have a soul and it is stuck in there. It is not going anywhere

Zoretenz – Are you sure this is not some kind of turd that is supposed to get out through a natural digestive tube or something, like the anus?

Turdo– No, I told you. It’s stuck in there. It’s too big

Zoretenz – Oh, I have a big soul

Turdo– A very big soul

– It stinks. Get it out already!

Zoretenz– Alright, alright. I’ll put on my pants.