Saturday, January 17, 2009

I wanted to write a play about the rights of animals
but people told me, why do you care about animals? There's children dying of hunger in the world, you know?
So I started writing a play about children dying of hunger in the world
And they told me, what about the war?
so I started writing about the war
but they were upset you don't care about the death penalty then?
so I wrote about the death penalty
Aren't you a lesbian?
okay, I'll write about lesbians
Who cares about lesbians, there's homeless people you know?
okay, I'll write about homeless lesbians then
What makes you think that you can make any change with your plays?
so I didn’t even try to make a change
who goes to see your plays anyway?
It's true, I should get more audience
Aren't you preaching to the converted?
Maybe I should preach to the non-converted
Why, you think the converted need no support, no preaching?
You are right, I'll write shows for my community then
You obviously can't leave your ghetto
Ok, I'll write about everybody
You just don't get it. Do you really think all those problems are isolated but they are really only one: Capitalism
Get it, we need a revolution
okay, I'll write for the revolution
Are you sure this revolution is for us too? We are queer remember?
ok, I'll write for the queer revolution
All you need is love
I'll do some abstract dance