Thursday, January 08, 2009

Lost or never had it

This is a scene from The Fraud. During the play the characters think they lost something, they actually did, but then they think they didn’t, they think they never had it

ANDREA – Oh, my God, where are the kids?
JO – What kids?
ANDREA – My kids…
SAM – They were here
ANDREA - Wait , what’s wrong with me. I don’t have kids
JO – You do
ANDREA – Really? Where are they?
JO – I don’t know, but I know you have kids
Noah – I want to have kids too
JO – She has kids already
MARTA – You guys are going crazy
ANDREA – Why are you saying that?
MARTA – Because you are losing touch with reality, you are imagining things
ADELO – That’s not what crazy means
MARTA – Yes, crazy means that you are losing touch with reality
ADELO – What reality?
MARTA – The reality
SAM – I thought it was creative to imagine things
ANDREA – You can also lose touch with reality with a good meditation and I think that’s good
ADELO – What reality?
MARTA – You don’t know what reality means?
ADELO – I know what it means, I don’t know which one are you referring to
ANDREA – There’s plenty
MARTA – No, there’s one
ADELO – There’s more than one
MARTA – No, I can touch it. This is the reality. Touch it it’s over there (she touches the wall)
JO – That is the wall it’s not the reality
MARTA – It’s real, it’s over there. You can touch it, it’s the only thing you can touch
JO – I can touch you
MARTA– Yes, because I am real
SAM – Can I kiss you?
SAM – So you are not real
MARTA – Not to you
SAM – real to her, not to me
ADELO - There’s more than the walls in here, and all those things are real
ANDREA - What do you mean?
ADELO - There’s plenty of stuff going on in here. For one thing we are talking
JO - Right, ok. There’s the talking. Touch my talking
ADELO -There’s words, there’s language, there’s history
ANDREA - So, it’s the wall plus everything we are saying
JO – Plus Marta. I touched her
ANDREA - Plus Marta
SAM - Not only Marta. I am here too
ANDREA - Plus her
ADELO - Let’s say all of us, plus the wall, plus what we are saying
MARTA- I could use a TV, or a radio
Noah - That would be too much

The Fraud was presented at WOW café after the 2000 elections in the U.S. Written and directed by Susana Cook. Original music Julian Mesri. Performers: Mistah, Imani Henry, Alison Duncan, Saira, Nora, Migdalia Gimenez and Susana Cook